Jones Ford Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram - Jones Ford Chrysler busted my truck...

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Dropped my truck off at Jones on 12/3/12.One of their employees drove home with me so he could drop me off in my own truck and then return it to the dealer for service.

When the employee got in my truck to drive it back, I did not notice him having an issue with the A-pillar grab handle. On 12/4/12 I picked up the vehicle as I had been called and told the repairs were done. I paid $776.00 for my repairs. Repairs were done as requested.

The problem came when I went to get in my truck after paying. I reached for the A pillar handle as I always do when entering the truck. The handle was not attached to the A-pillar at that time. Sometime after the truck had been driven back to Jones Ford, a Jones Ford employee broke the handle, and did not report it.

I told the service adviser, he said I would have to pay for the part and that Jones was no responsible. He said that no Jones employee broke the part, he said that it must have been broken previously, in other words he was calling me a liar. I spoke to Richard the service manager. Richard is over 6ft tall and more than 300lbs.

Had Richard got in my truck and moved it, it's very likely that HE is the one who broke the part given the fact that he weighs at least 100lbs more than I do... Of course he never admitted having ever driven the truck, but he would not tell me who had. In fact he wouldn't even let me speak to the man who drove me home, since he was the last person to see the A-pillar before it was broken. I asked to speak to the store manager.

I spoke to a Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones repeated what his employees had said.

Not their fault, they didn't break it, it must have come in that way and they would be glad to CHARGE ME for the repairs. I know that the part was broken by one of the Jones employees. I do understand that the vehicle is 10 years old and things wear out, and break with age, but they LIED by not admitting responsibility for the part that was broken by their employee. Had they told me when I was checking out that something broke, had they been honest, and told me that the part broke in their hands, but it was due to age...

I would have been able to deal with that since they would have been honest with me.As is, they were not honest, someone there knows exactly what they did to break my truck.

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